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Letter to Colorado General Assembly regarding domestic violence legislation

I attended a rally with Mom’s Demand Action in October.  They asked the group to write letters to Senator’s and Representatives at the Colorado General Assembly.  It has taken me some time, better late than never.  Below is my letter you can cut and paste this and send it to your representative.  They need to hear our voice of prevention among all of the other noisy lobby groups.  9 women a week die at the hands of their partner or husband.  Of course this is 9 too many.









Control C, Control V away and save a life today!



Mr. Ferrandino;

I am writing to you on behalf of women in Colorado, specifically on behalf of abused women. Women who are in abusive relationships do not have time to write to you. They are consumed with dodging danger and keeping the peace.

I am asking that you would support any legislation that would protect these women. They are a group you need to go to bat for. You can make a difference in their desperate lives.

Thank you for your consideration.


Julie Federico
Victim Advocate/Author


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