Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT


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This book is a lifeline to children living in homes where there is domestic violence.

Come spend a day with some nice little fish and learn about what to do when we’re angry.

Is it okay to push? No, it’s not! But there are plenty of things that are okay. We can paint and even play soccer.

In Julie Federico’s second book, readers will be introduced to the topic of domestic violence in a relevant way and will learn that Anger Is Okay; Violence Is NOT.

Far too many children are living in homes where there is domestic violence. Julie Federico’s book, Anger Is Okay, Violence Is NOT, contains a lesson that all children should learn, that we all feel anger but that there are healthy ways to let it out, and domestic violence is not okay. I highly recommend this book to parents, teachers, and mental health workers, and agencies.

~Lisa Moss, author of Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?

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