Julie Federico



El enojo esta’ BIEN La Violencia NO

Versión en español de Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT. Este libro es un salvavidas para los niños que viven en hogares dondé hay violencia doméstica.

Ven a pasar un día con unas pececitos agradables y aprende que hacer cuando estamos enojados. ¿Está bien empujar? ¡No, no es! Pero hay muchas cosas que están bien. Podemos pintar o posiblemente jugar al fútbol.

En el segundo libro de Julie Federico, los lectores conocerán el tema de la violencia doméstica en una manera relevante y aprenderán que El Enojo Está Bien, la Violencia NO.

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Spanish version of Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT. This book has a dual purpose it teaches toddlers about temper tantrums and anger control. It is also a lifeline to children living in homes where domestic violence is present. This book offers hope and protection to the most vulnerable victimes of the domestic violence circle. My hope is to teach children to report domestic violence when the adults in the home can not. Sometimes there are too many reasons to stay with the status quo. But I can tell you over time all of the reasons you have for staying will be eroded when you see the damages that have been done to your children. Children are very open to the wounds of domestic violence more so than adults. Please protect yourself and your children from domestic violence.

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