Julie Federico



About Julie

Julie Federico, M.A. is a former a middle school counselor who has since dedicated her life to preventing child abuse. Through easy to understand children’s books she communicates the importance of personal space and shows children how to define boundaries. In addition, Julie has authored books focusing on domestic abuse, school violence, and race.

Violence in schools is a topic Ms. Federico understands. She was employed with Jefferson County Public School District during the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and was a first responder. As a result of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, Julie wrote and dedicated two books to the Sandy Hook community in Newton, CT. Ms. Federico, an expert in school violence, has spent over a decade confronting this epidemic problem in our society. Parents and educators will appreciate the simple, non-threatening language Federico uses to create a school safety message that every child must hear.

Ms. Federico is the award-winning children’s author of Some Parts are NOT for Sharing and Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT, children’s books on personal safety and anger control. Julie is not afraid to tackle difficult social problems, as she has written about domestic violence prevention, child abuse prevention, and school violence prevention.

Julie’s latest book, God Made Me Black Because He is Creative, simplifies the complex issue of racial discrimination that has torn the United States apart since the summer of 2020.

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in counseling from Indiana University.