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A Child’s First Book On Race Relations: Blackness is Creativeness

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As the summer of 2020 unfolded and I saw so many adults moving to the wrong side of the fence on appropriate race relations views  I was taken back.  I thought our country was a lot further down the yellow brick road of race relations.  I was deeply wrong.  Rather than try to talk to adults whose minds would not be moved despite moving material being presented  I started to think about the kids.  I thought of parents struggling for a common language when trying to talk about these issues with their children.  I thought of the children trying to make sense of issues that just don’t make sense.  I imagine they were left feeling scared and insecure. If they were children of color I imagine there are no words to describe how they felt.  Vulnerable, at-risk, hunted to name a few.   I believe our country can heal from the wounds of racism.  I believe this younger generation will be the last generation to tolerate systemic racism.   At a peaceful demonstration, I attended in July 2020 for Elijah McClain one of the teenagers’ speakers said, “Change is coming and it is beautiful!”  Amen.  Please join me as we create a safer world for all children.

“God Made Me Black Because He Is Creative truly belongs in every elementary school. Equity begins with educating our children about the beauty of diversity.  This book is a unifying plan for a lifetime.”

                     ~Julie Reilly Licensed School Social Worker

Julie Federico is a prevention expert who writes children’s books on; child abuse, domestic violence, school violence prevention, friendship, and race relations.  All of her books are a must-read for every child.  Julie takes complex social problems and breaks them down into language that even the youngest of readers can understand. Her book are for readers 0-9 years old.  Each book is the tip of the iceberg when discussing the issue.  Julie opens the door and explains difficult topics in a friendly non-threatening way.  She uses language to protect children and keep them from harm and danger.  Parents will appreciate her straightforward message, kids will appreciate her laid-back approach to the most difficult of topics.  All of her books are illustrated in a welcoming fish theme.  Two of her seven books have been translated into Spanish.

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