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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. “15.5 million children in the United States live in families in which partner violence occurred at least once in the past year.” – Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Violent Childhood Experiences and the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Adults, 2003. https://safehouse-denver.org/domestic-violence/information/children.html
This static rattles me every time I report it. It feels gripping and overwhelming. I am trying to end domestic violence and help the 15.5 million children who are without a voice. I wrote Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT in 2012. I am quietly ending domestic violence one book at a time by getting children to report violence. This book has a great double message and is also an effective tool for toddlers struggling with temper tantrums. The book teaches replacement behaviors to tantrums. To help celebrate Domestic Violence Awareness Month I am discounting the price of Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT to $15.00 until the end of the month. The book retails on Amazon for $22.99 with shipping.  Please private messages me if you would like a copy. Domestic violence is built on silence I am hoping to change this and make violence prevention something everyone talks about. Other ways to be involved in supporting the month awareness:

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101 Great Sources for Domestic Violence Prevention

Today’s domestic violence resource link is made possible by Ryanne Gardiner Content Editor @SocialWrkDegree.
101 Great Sources for Domestic Violence Prevention:

Great Sources for Domestic Violence Prevention

Ryanne has worked diligently to compile domestic violence resources from around the nation. I have not seen a more comprehensive list! Thank you to Ryanne for sharing the list and completing all of the research.

If you are a women seeking help from domestic violence be careful about using a home computer to access these on line resources. I think a computer at a library or work would offer you more protection than a home computer. Computers save all kinds of history from sites visited, this history can be erased but I would not trust this function. If you can “erase browsing history” I imagine there is also a way to “restore browsing history.”

The time a women starts to leave a violent relationship or starts to think about leaving is the most dangerous time for her. While she is in the eye of the storm she is not safe, but when she decides to leave her life and well being are greatly at risk. A word to women; you are the abusers drug. If you begin to take steps away from him his violent behavior will escalate. Imagine an addict with no hit, or an addict who just had his drug supply source eliminated. It is not pretty. Please be careful, please seek help from trained professionals to guide you through this oh so dangerous time.

As you read this list you will be surprised at the volume of resources ready to come to the aid of women seeking an escape. When you decide to leave seek the advice of those who have gone before you. Many of them are employed by the agencies listed. Then, can I be the first one to say, “Congratulations on your new life! A better safer life awaits, please get to higher ground today.” These resources will aid you; there is also a state by state section for more regional centers.


May Book Signings

May 4, 2013  10-11 am Parent safety talk and tips to deal with toddler tantrums Book Signing University Hills Library  Community Room 10-11 am 4310 E. Amherst Avenue Denver, CO.  80222 http://www.denverlibrary.org/content/ross-university-hills-branch-library  
May 4, 2013  Noon-3pm Book Signing Barnes and Noble 701 E. 120th Ave. Thornton, CO.  80233 http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/store/2091?subtype=detailList

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Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT