Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe: Safety at school made easy

This link just went live last week. You can now place orders for your own copy of Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe. This book retails for $16.95, schools receive a significant discount. Group or school order call: 1-866-928-1240 Ex. 5022. No minimum order required. This book is part of the solution to the school violence epidemic sweeping the nation. School safety is not hard to implement, but is does require talking about a subject that most people would prefer to avoid. I like this quote from Seth Godin; “It is difficult to be generous when you’re hungry. Yet being generous keeps you from going hungry. Hence the conflict.” The same is true of school violence; “It is difficult to be willing to talk about school violence when you’re scared. Yet talking about school violence keeps you from being scared and protects yoStudents-Can-Help-Keep-Schools-Safe600u. Hence the conflict.” Julie Federico



safety at school


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