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School Violence Prevention Books: Important Tools to Combat School Shootings


As I am preparing to launch The Bad Guys and Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe I have decided at the urging of my marketing representative to start blogging.  I am resistive as I am working so hard on finishing the last edits and working with the illustrator, promoting a video I made, contacting teacher unions, updating my website, changing my author central page, counting commas, and questioning semicolons.  Blogging is lost is a sea of other responsibilities.  If this will help me “be found” and people can buy the school violence prevention books because of this blog, I am for it.  But I am skeptical.  How does one find a possible answer to help with school violence when the media only likes to report the violence, not violence prevention.  Prevention is not as flashy, prevention probably does not boost ratings or add advertising dollars.  My books have the potential to save children’s lives, to me this is important.  I am training children what to do if they see an intruder in the building or if there is a student in their own school who is making threats.  School violence prevention is important to teach as reading.  My goal is to have these books on school supply lists for the fall.  For pre order sales contact:

Kayla Stobaugh WestBow Press

A Division of Thomas Nelson 

1663 Liberty DriveBloomington, IN 47403

P: 866-928-1240 ext: 5406 F: 812-355-1561

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