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Holiday Gift For Children With An Important Message

The Most Important Holiday Gift for Children

Are you still seeking one more present for your little one?
Some Parts are NOT for Sharing is a children’s book for readers 0-9 years old. This is probably the most important holiday gift that a parent can give a child, the gift of safety. This book teaches children in a non-threatening manner what to do if they encounter unwanted touch and what parts of our bodies we share with others. This book is a lifeline for children navigating the world they live in. The book is simple and uses straightforward language, it offers vital information that every family needs.  This book is also available in Spanish. To order visit: goo.gl/oto5Mb

Recent review by Kaycee666

“Short story, very important content that children need to know!

It is a short story book; it is direct and to the point and I love the way it is worded. I feel it is very easy for my four year old to understand and am grateful for the content of  the book as I had no idea how I would explain the subject to my toddler                                                                                                               otherwise.”

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