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Have you talked to your child about body safety?

School is back in session, have you talked to your child about body safety yet? If you have not I am offering a digital version of Some Parts are NOT for Sharing to anyone who emails me. I am doing this because I am holding life preservers for children with the knowledge in this book. I want every child to have a copy. I want this to be the last generation of children that encounter unwanted touch. The ramifications of childhood abuse last a lifetime. It is so much easier to prevent child abuse then clean it up afterward. Many times children are harmed by “loved ones” so parents are willingly putting their children at risk by leaving them with family members and they do not even know it. Become alert, educate yourself and your child about child abuse prevention. A little prevention goes a long way. You can find me at: juliefederico.com then Contact us.

Further reading: https://lnkd.in/eDAhgDshttps://lnkd.in/eZEU-uz

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