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Too apparel: Women’s underwear, we donate a pair to women’s & children’s shelters for every pair purchased

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Too Apparel is a “buy-one, give-one” women’s apparel company.  Currently we offer 4 styles of women’s underwear and we donate a new pair of undies to a women and children’s shelter for every pair we sell.  We also sell gift certificates to help make gifting panties a little easier.  We launched 6/1/14, the idea came from a desire to give back after a friend lost his battle with addiction.  Our donations help Survivors of domestic violence, assault and addiction.

Some women leave domestic violence sitiuations with only the clothes on their back. They start their new life with the outfit that they probably grabbed without much thought to early in the morning. Not knowing this would be their last morning at home in front of their closet. No one wears two pair of underwear at the same time. Women arrive at the shelter with outfit they have on and one pair of underwear. Enter too.apparel.  They graciously donate a new pair of underwear to a shelter for every pair sold.  This is good news for the women and children at the shelter.  Their new life begins with a new pair of underwear.  When your life is being altered in ways you could never imagine a few years ago a new pair of underwear seems small but it is really a huge gift.

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