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Spotlight on Rehab.net

Spotlight on Rehab.net
This agency works on caring for our senior citizens struggling with addiction.  They are always seeking donations as they are a nonprofit agency that depends on donations to continue their good work.  

CALL FOR HELP: 877-888-0552

Rehabnet.com is a non profit organization with a mission to educate and provide assistance to seniors struggling addiction as well as caregivers and family members with concerns. Our primary objective is to effectively halt the growing silent epidemic of senior addiction.

It’s our policy to not advertise nor promote any for-profit rehab treatment providers on RehabNet.com. We will, however, attempt to answer every individual request for help with local, on the ground providers which may include government, non-profit and professional rehab assistance providers. In the coming months, we will be launching a nationwide directory of local assistance and provide a tool for anonymous feedback on those programs.

According to the Alcohol Rehab Guide,

Alcohol consumption among older adults in the U.S. has grown steadily over the past couple of decades. Between 2002 and 2006, an average of 2.8 million adults over the age of 50 suffered from substance use disorders, including alcoholism. By 2020, that number is projected to double, totaling roughly 5.7 million seniors.

Drinking problems among those entering their golden years are sometimes overlooked or even misdiagnosed. The symptoms of depression – insomnia, mood swings and anxiety – can mirror the warning signs of alcoholism. Substance abuse screenings are rarely part of annual physical exams, making it more challenging to detect the early signs of a potential drinking problem.

Please contact rehabnet.com if you know of a Senior struggling with addiction.  Calling is the first step to getting your loved one help.

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