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Thursday  June 15th I will be discussing child abuse prevention tips with Nancy Smith-Mattox on Shine Your Light Raunnameddio. WYTV7 Christian Broadcasters Network. Learn easy steps to prevent child abuse from happening in your family. Parents need to begin talking to their two year old children about this information. Four is the the age that most children are approached by those who want to harm them. If you work with young children or have children, grandchildren of your own you will want to tune in.

Childhood abuse is a risk factor contributing to adult alcoholism and other mental health problems. https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh25-1/52-57.htm It is so much easier to prevent childhood abuse than to pick up the pieces up afterwards. Get a head start and read Some Parts are NOT for Sharing before Thursday’s show at:


There is no greater gift a parent can give a child than the gift of safety. Thank you for protecting your children!



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