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This my first official blog.  Everyone has been saying, “You’re an author, you need a blog.” “I can’t believe you do not have a blog!” As if blogging somehow was synonymous with my supply of oxygen.  I have survived until now; 2.22.13 blogless and have been quietly content. Surprisingly, I have had adequate supply of oxygen at my disposable.  I can hear the gasps as people across the electronic waves read this.  I have resisted blogging because I have about as much time to blog as I do to cure cancer.  So I apologize in advance to all of the people suffering from cancer.  I won’t be aiding the medical community in finding a cure any time soon, because I will be blogging.  I did save and turn into the Susan G. Komen foundation yogurt lids for several years.  I rinsed out ever one.  A woman in my writer’s group said Cancer’s Cause Cancer’s Cure  by Morton Walker is a book helping many people successfully recover from cancer.  So this is my contribution to the fight to be Cancer free.  I listed a book title, not much help but a contribution however small.

The actual content of my blogs will be about my work as a child advocate.  I have written two books focusing on child services, specifically child abuse prevention and domestic violence prevention.  The goal of my first book Some Parts are NOT for Sharing is to increase the reporting of child abuse, and educate young child about child abuse.  Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT teaches children about fish, feelings, families and domestic violence prevention.   How does one decide to write children’s books on such sunny topics?  I was a middle school counselor for 14 years and heard way too many stories of abuse.  I could not bear to hear one more story about “mom’s boyfriend.”  I wrote Some Parts are NOT for Sharing as a backlash for the multitude of stories I had endured about, “mom’s boyfriend.”  In my opinion and research, the most frequent and dangerous perpetuator around, followed ever so closely by step father.  I work now as a full time child advocate.  This work is refreshing and full of potential.

Well, it has taken me two days to write this blog. Not the text, but I struggled with the links.  I need to get back to other things.  As I am sure you do as well.  Thank you for reading and making it to the end.

Julie Federico

Child Services Advocate, Writer and now Blogger!

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