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As the virus rages and we all change our lives to accommodate the rage I think community becomes extra important. It is hard to have community while quarantined. I am trying to create community by blogging more and filling book orders the day they come in. I know it is a hard time to stay organized. I am offering agencies a discount on copies of Some Parts are NOT for Sharing for orders of over 30 books. The price drops to $6.00 a book for the color version and only $5.00 for the coloring book format. This book is available in Spanish and English. To secure this order email me at: [email protected]
Please stay safe out there!

How to prevent child abue
Some Parts are NOT for Sharing. Child abuse prevention book.
What can be done to prevent child abuse
This is a child’s first book on body safety and is for readers 0-9 years old.
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