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The Bad Guys paperback is now available

The-Bad-Guys200The Bad Guys is now available.  This project has consumed my life for almost 8 months.  I am very happy to see a finished product.  I wrote The Bad Guys on Christmas Eve 2012 for the Sandy Hook Community.  This is the link to order: http://bookstore.westbowpress.com/Products/SKU-000627305/The-Bad-Guys.aspx

At this stage in the book writing process a new book is like a new relationship; full of promise and hope.  I am full of promise and hope that this book will save childrens lives.  This book describes violence in schools and school safety in a way that no other book has.  I describe lockdowns, school shooters, and youth violence in a way that is easy for preschool to 3rd grades to understand.  The book is friendly and non threatening.  I want to give credit and honor to God.  He wrote the book, he published the book.   I am just his vehicle that he is using to share this book with the world.  I feel humbled to be used in this way.  I know it was God who wrote the book because the words came easily to me, I did not struggle with sentence structure or story development.  After Sandy Hook God needed a willing vehicle as soon as possible, and he located me two weeks to the day after the shootings.  Now as I begin the great task of marketing The Bad Guys to schools and parents I know I am not alone but have the help of the Creator to guide me.  This is good news.  My Twittering skills are minimal at best and I do not even have an Insta Gram account yet.  As they say, “With God all things are possible.” Amen to that! Will be sending out positive updates as they are delivered.  Thank you for reading this and supporting school safety.

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