Why Women Stay In Domestic Violence Relationships

Why Women Stay In Domestic Violence Relationships: I want to uncover why women stay in domestic violence situations.  I think this is a great question. I think every woman who has lived with violence has asked themselves this question many times. “Why am I staying? What am I doing here? Why is none of this […]

New Review: Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT a child first book on domestic violence prevention

Julie Federico Prevention Expert

Julie writes on prevention issues for children; school violence, domestic violence and child abuse. She can easily break down difficult issues for even the youngest of children to understand. Two of her book are available in Spanish. Algunas parates NO son para Compartir and El enojo esta BIEN La Violencia www.juliefederico.com

How to Prevent Domestic Violence

How to Prevent Domestic Violence Approximately seven million children witness acts of domestic violence every year.  http://www.safepass.org/index.php/want-info/children-and-domestic-violence This statistic is for North America alone.  In homes where domestic violence is present there is little hope, no safety, and a daily struggle for one’s simplest existence.  Leaving relationships where there is domestic violence is no easy […]

Child Advocacy Center Spotlights Some Parts are NOT for Sharing

Child Advocacy Center 222 Rowan St Fayetteville, North Carolina http://www.childadvocacycenter.com/ Every Friday this child advocacy center reads a body safety book on line for families. Last month Some Parts are NOT for Sharing was the chosen book. Listen to the reading here: https://www.facebook.com/CACFayNC/videos/589839068581920/ June 5, 2020 – Some Parts Are Not For Sharing www.juliefederico.com #childabuseprevention […]

Child Abuse Prevention Made Easy

Child Abuse Prevention Made Easy Parents have many responsibilities when educating their children about life. One of the most important conversations to have with your child is a conversation about body safety. What is body safety you ask? Body safety is teaching your children that their body is their own and if anyone touches them […]

Child Abuse Prevention

This is a copy of an interview I did for my blog talk radio show with OABI with artist Michal Madison. What are some prevention tips for parents to protect their children from child abuse? Julie, you and I are both huge advocates of teaching Children how to keep themselves safe from sexual abuse – […]

Child Abuse Awareness Month Continued

Help protect children from child abuse.

El enojo esta’ BIEN La Violencia NO

Spanish version of Anger is OKAY Violence is NOT. This book has a dual purpose it teaches toddlers about temper tantrums and anger control. It is also a lifeline to children living in homes where domestic violence is present. This book offers hope and protection to the most vulnerable victimes of the domestic violence circle. […]